Payment required at time of Saddle Fit, cash or direct deposit

EFTPOS unavailable

Cheques not accepted

Invoices/receipts may attract a $5 administration fee.

ADJUSTMENTS to the saddle, eg, reflocking, gullet adjustments, may or may not be charged in addition to the saddle fitting fee, but will be quoted prior to commencement. some saddles may not be adjustable or may need to be returned to manufacturer to not void warranty.

SADDLE TRIAL  If you wish to test ride a new saddle, the cost is $1/minute for each saddle you try. If you purchase a saddle from Naree on the day of fittingthe cost to trial that saddle will not be charged.

SADDLE PURCHASE  If you purchase a saddle, full payment will be required before taking possession.

TEMPLATES and saddle details are no longer issued to the customer.

2ND HAND SADDLES are not available for sale, but can be fitted/repaired/reflocked/etc.

TRADE IN not available.

RETURNS on faulty goods only. Not available for change of mind. Items must look ‘as new’. The cost of saddle trial time will be deducted from any refund.

CODE OF CONDUCT  bullying, aggression, insulting or offensive language/comments will not be responded to

CANCELLATION POLICY  Any cancellation or reschedule made less than 3 days prior to appointment may result in a fee of $50

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