Naree is a passionate equestrian and accomplished horse trainer. She became passionate about saddle fitting after seeing how many ‘problem’ behaviors in horses could be greatly reduced or eliminated, simply by ensuring the saddle fitted correctly.

With over 27 years of experience working with horses and people, Naree has developed and honed her skills to offer a service second to none. She is trained by the only internationally recognised saddle fitting organisation, The Society of Master Saddlers (SMS), UK, and is the only qualified SMS saddle flocker in Australia.

Continually developing her skills, Naree has spent extensive time in Europe and the UK. Visiting and working with the finest saddlers and factories where she studied the entire saddle making process.

She keeps up with the latest in saddle fitting research and is continually searching the world for, researching and testing, the best products available for you and your horse.

A comprehensive consultation is offered on your existing saddle, as well as a large range of new saddles, including several ranges that are able to be custom made for your horse. Services range from basic repair and reflock, all the way through to complete refit of saddles.



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